Singing Exercises

With these you will learn in which ways you can use your voice better…listen to yourself sing!

  • Dynamics – Dynamics are variations the intensity of your resonance. Even the simplest use of dynamics will make your songs come alive, and the more you practice, the louder and softer you’ll be able to sing healthily. Sing a comfortable pitch and start very softly, crescendo to loud then decrescendo back to soft. When reading music, from quietest to loudest, dynamics marks are as follows: pp (pianissimo, very quiet), p (piano, quiet), mp (mezzo piano, medium quiet), mf (mezzo forte, medium loud), f (forte, loud), and ff (fortissimo, very loud). Do this with many different vowels and pitches. When you start out you will probably only be able to sing from mp to mf, but your range will increase with practice.

  • Agility – Try singing from do to sol (G) to do (C) really fast back and forth, trying to hit all of the notes. Do this in increments of half steps on different syllables. This will help your voice become more flexible.
  • Practice scales – To practice scales, identify your range (tenor, baritone, soprano, alto, etc.) and know how to find the notes that cover your range on a keyboard or piano. Then practice the major scale in every key moving up and down using the vowel sounds. At some point you can start working in minor scales as well. Solfege (Do, Re, Mi…) is also an effective tool for improving pitch problems.


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