Preparing to sing!

Be patient, this will not take long! 🙂

Learning from a good source: People are very different in voice. There are people with a weak voice, mostly caused by under-developed muscles or incorrect use of the resonators (like the pharynx, the mouth, the nasal cavity and some parts of your face…). By strengthening your muscles in training, also using the exercises included in this site, you can learn how to use your resonators more properly to project a powerful and strong voice.

Be careful: incorrect technique can damage your voice organs! This is why it is always better to start practicing with an experienced and good teacher. To learn to sing well, you could also join a local choir or, if you don’t like any of these or can’t afford to pay for a teacher, you could try to follow some TV programs like Singing for the Stars of Singing Success and many others…this website may also help you!

Be careful, though, in choosing which source you would like to learn from; because if you are a tenor, it is always better to find a teacher who is also a tenor as the technique is a little more different that the other techniques used in singing.

Know your vocal range: It is always essential to know what your vocal range is, because some singing pieces that are written for a vocal range which is much more different from yours can strain your voice if you try to sing them. Remember, though, that your tone is more important than vocal range and people’s appreciation of your voice is mostly based on its character and not on how many notes you can hit… so never sacrifice your tone to try hitting a note you probably can’t reach will just make you ruin your show!

For your vocal range you’ll just have to wait and work a bit on it, as it changes throughout time and with training maturity.

Be sure your posture is correct: Stand tall and straight, as if there was an imaginary rope pulling you upwards. This will allow your lungs to expand at their maximum lung capacity to make you breathe more easily to make you pronounce better phrases and sing better notes. Your shoulders should be going slightly backwards and just a little pushing downwards, flowing over your torso. Make sure your chest is high to give enough space to your lungs to expand and contract freely. Relax your jaw, your face, your shoulders…Just relax 🙂

Breathing properly is very important: Your voice is mostly described as a wind instrument, as breathing occupies about 80% of singing and proper singing can be only made if you start with a correct breathing and finish with a correct breathing. Always breathe in your stomach, so that it can expand a little. If you do this properly, your stomach should retire inside while you sing.

Always Warm up before starting to sing or practice!: You can start warming up your voice following a pattern that starts with a middle range, then goes to the lower ranges, next to the higher ranges…then back to middle ecc. Spend at least 10 minutes on each range and…take it easy if you cannot reach a note, try not to stress your voice. Return to your most comfortable range then try again, carefully.

now you’re ready to sing!! 😀


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