Microphone techniques

Now that you have become a singing star…don’t let the microphone ruin your performances!!




There’s one thing you should be very careful about once you have learned to use your voice correctly and nicely and would like to entertain your audience with it, and it’s a microphone. Although your voice sounds perfectly when you sing to yourself or to others without a microphone, some very common mistakes can ruin it and you may not have the result you expected.

Here are some very useful advices to avoid those mistakes…

Pointing the microphone towards a speaker when you are too close causes a high pitched noise called FEEDBACK.

Having the volume too high will cause FEEDBACK and DISTORTION.

Incorrect wiring & connections can cause electric shocks, equipment breakdowns, horrible humming or even pick up the radio!

The most common mistake is holding the microphone too close or too far from your mouth. This results in your singing sounding muffled and distorted, too distant or no vocal sound at all. With a little practice this is easy to rectify and should become a part of your rehearsal routine.

Set your volume controls so that the backing track is lower than your singing.

To avoid distortion, ensure the Mic is held no closer than 2 to 3 inches from your mouth during normal singing.  You will have to experiment a little as the distance is dependent on the individual’s natural power and ability to project.







Good Singing!! ; p






2 Responses to Microphone techniques

  1. M. Cena says:

    Hi Lavinia,
    I really enjoyed your blog. It is thorough and informative. I particularly liked the video on microphone techniques.

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