A very short diction

This can also be related to the Exercises page…

Practice these to learn the correct pronounciation of vowels while you sing 🙂

:Practice your vowels – If you can, always sing the first vowel for as long as you can before letting the second vowel in. Here are some pure vowels to practice with: AH as in “father”, EE as in “eat”, IH as in “pin”, EH as in “pet”, OO as in “food”, UH as in “under”, EU as in “could”, OH as in “home”. Try singing all of these vowels while maintaining your core sound which is the resonance in the mask of the face. You can do this in many ways. Some examples of singing exercises that use vowels are just singing “mee may maw mow moo” and fluctuating the voice as you go. This warms your voice up and gives you practice with singing vowels.

Here is what your mouth should look like when you pronounce different vowels…


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